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Misha Faucett

Most would say that you come to the salon to look a certain way. I believe that you come to the salon to feel a certain way.

My ultimate goal is to help you feel like the best version of yourself by crafting a look that is custom tailored to your features and lifestyle.

With my passion for creating, educating, and forming authentic connections, I hope to turn your appointment into an experience and my studio into your home away from home.

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Absolutely FANTASTIC experience! Misha is kind, listens to her client's hair concerns & goals, and discusses how she can help you achieve them (especially helpful if you have a long term goal in mind with a cut or color). She is thorough with her work, and pays close attention to detail. Before you leave her chair, she ensures that you a 100% happy with the look you have, and if a little adjustment is needed, she makes it without hesitation. Misha is my "go-to" girl for all of my hair styling needs.

Jennifer M

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